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Rich White | MagSafe Premium Leather Luxury iPhone Cover

Available for all iPhones
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Get India's Most Luxurious Rich White | MagSafe Premium Leather Cover only at Reldior Online Store. We have a huge collection of iPhone 12 Leather covers. Exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials make these cases stand out and they fit your iPhone without adding any bulk. 

  • Made with Genuine Leather of the Highest Quality
  • Supports Wireless Charging / MagSafe Compatible
  • Gold Electroplated Metallic Buttons and Camera Ring
  • Shockproof
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Anti-Skid
  • Dirt Resistant

This MagSafe Premium Leather Cover for iPhone 12 and 13 in India undergo thousands of testing hours during design and manufacturing.  Shop Now! This Orignal Leather iPhone case offers a good grip and perfect hand feeling too.

If you have any queries, please feel free to reach us at our email We can also be reached via WhatsApp or at +91 7504444544. 

The Finest Leather

The Premium Leather Luxury iPhone Cover is made from the finest Genuine Leather by an award-winning tannery. This Leather Case gives your iPhone an opulent feel. From the best kind of leather, it will feel soft and develop a patina over time, becoming a unique and beautiful piece.

Natural exotic leathers are known for their beautiful looks, durability, and tear resistance. Generally each leather has a unique texture, marks, and wrinkles, so each item is unique. The genuine leather is an extremely rare and valuable material due to the extensive labor involved in its production.

' R E L D I O R ' believes in sustainable manufacturing practices. For this reason, we only select certified suppliers who work ethically with natural resources.

The Art & Science of the Craft

Our handcrafted iPhone cases are the perfect combination of style and protection. Featuring an interior microfiber suede lining, our finest leather provides an impressive non-slip grip while keeping a stylish and sleek appearance. The attention to detail is evident in this product. Interior surfaces are lined with satin-like Japanese microfiber, a thin, incredibly strong fabric that is also exceptionally light and provides luxurious cushioning for your iPhone.

The ergonomic hand construction ensures real-world functionality, including button access, speaker cutouts, and MagSafe compatibility. Especially the leather cover neatly covers the bottom of the phone, without obstructing the charging port or speakers.

As the leather extends 1mm above the screen's edge, it creates a raised bezel that prevents abrasive surfaces from scratching the screen, providing 360-degree protection. Rounded bumps on the rear of cameras protect protruding lenses from scratches. Accordingly it meets the needs of both looks and protection.

The subtly embossed branding complements the overall design perfectly. This high-quality leather will surely serve you for a long time to come. As a result, the design strikes a balance between Quality and functionality.

One-of-a-Kind Product

These iPhone cases here make you stand out without alienating you from the rest of the world. This makes them highly praised and critically acclaimed products. The designs reflect your individuality. As the details make the difference, the cases make you stand out from the crowd by matching your personality.

Surely the rich and vibrant colors of these leather cases will turn your iPhone into a unique fashion accessory. Altogether when it comes to one-of-a-kind, luxurious items, you've come to the right place.

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